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The only fanlisting for Disturbia by Rihanna listed at the TheFanlistingsNetwork in the Songs: Female Solo category.

Many thanks to Hannah for adopting this fanlisting out to me.


This fanlisting was last updated 10th January 2019 and has a total of 30 members from 11 countries with 0 waiting for approval.

About 0.01 fans per day have joined since the fanlisting was opened by Hannah. Who let me adopt the listing in May 2009.

The fanlisting is maintained by Barbayat with the aid of Enthusiast, CodeSort, Fan Update and other sources.



 Hamasaki, Ayumi: Step You  Rihanna: Breakin Dishes  Rihanna: SOS (Rescue me)


Everything done

Posted Jun 7, 2009. Leave a comment?

For now I got everything done I wanted to promote this listing a bit more ….

We got now 77 codes up, I applied at the fansfansfans exchange, e-mailed all the other Rihanna song fl owners (except those with virus warnings but I will check back later to see if the warning goes away), posted at the tfl board and sent an e-mail to members and affiliates.

Already moved

Posted Jun 5, 2009. Leave a comment?

We are already moved and listed at the Fanlistings Network. Thank you so much, Hannah!

Now I got a list of things that I still need to do:

  • E-Mail members and affiliates
  • Finish more buttons and upload them
  • List this at the fans fans fans exchange
  • Post on the tfl board
  • Hunt down a few more affiliates

I’ll let you know when I completed these tasks—although of course I am always open for more affiliates, even after I finished the next hunt :D

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